Free to rent, with car rental without credit card

Anyone who has tried to rent a car in the past knows that the most important document, in addition to a driving license, is a credit card. In addition to the payment, in fact, the credit card is necessary to guarantee the car that is rented, using it to authorize the security deposit. Not all, for various reasons, have a credit card and therefore car rental is foreclosed for them? This is no longer true thanks to partners. In fact, many rental companies now allow car rentals without a credit card, also using prepaid cards or debit cards registered in the Visa or Mastercard circuits. Let’s find out how it’s done.


Car rental in Italy with prepaid card

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At the moment only allowed in Italy, car rental without credit card, therefore using prepaid card, is possible in the main airports and railway stations. The necessary condition to be able to rent in this way is to have an air ticket or a train to leave from the place where the car is returned. It is also necessary, at least for the train ticket, that it is for a location outside the region of return of the car. The rates of the car rental with prepaid card are higher. In addition to the cost of the rental, then it will be necessary to leave a deposit (about 300-600 dollars depending on the car) which will then be refunded at the end of the rental.This is because, since there is no credit card guarantee, a cover is then added, which cancels (or reduces) the damage and theft deductibles.


Car rental in Italy and some foreign countries with Visa or Mastercard debit card

Car rental in Italy and some foreign countries with Visa or Mastercard debit card

In addition to the prepaid card, with it is also possible to rent cars with Visa or Mastercard debit cards, which necessarily also bear the wording DEBIT. These cards are what are gradually replacing what in Italy are known as ATMs, or debit cards from the Agree Bank or Maestro circuits. Some companies in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and Romania accept this method of payment as if it were a credit card. In these cases there is no obligation to purchase additional insurance and the rental rules are in all respects like those of the traditional rental with credit card.